Dried firewood

Dried firewood

Dried firewood has become an increasingly popular choice for private homes, cottages, and businesses alike, providing an efficient, environmentally friendly and convenient heating solution for the colder months. Especially in Estonia, where winters can be cold and long, it is important to find heating solutions that are not only efficient but also environmentally friendly. In this article, we take a closer look at why dried firewood is a great choice and how to choose the best wood for your needs.

Why choose dried firewood?

Higher calorific value:Dried firewood contains significantly less moisture than fresh wood, which means it burns hotter and more efficiently. This in turn means you need less wood to achieve the same heat output, reducing heating costs and resource use.

Cleaner combustion: : lower moisture content ensures cleaner combustion, reducing soot and smoke formation.

Keskkonnasõbralikkus: Kuivatatud küttepuude kasutamine aitab vähendada CO2 heitkoguseid võrreldes märgade või poolkuivade puitudega. Samuti tagab jätkusuutlikult majandatud metsadest pärit puidu kasutamine, et teie küttelahendus toetab metsade säilimist ja bioloogilist mitmekesisust.

How to choose the best dried firewood?

Moisture contentthe ideal moisture content of dried firewood is 20% or less. This ensures efficient combustion and a high calorific value.

The moisture content of dried firewood is one of the most important factors affecting both combustion efficiency and the amount of heat produced. The ideal moisture content of dried firewood is 20% or less. This moisture content ensures that the wood burns evenly and releases maximum energy, making heating more economical and environmentally friendly.

Why is moisture content important?

Moisture content has a direct effect on the combustion quality of firewood. Wood that is too moist burns inefficiently, producing more smoke and soot and less heat. In addition, burning wood with a high moisture content can increase the risk of chimney blockages, which in turn can lead to fire hazards.

Drying process

In order to achieve kiln-dried firewood, fresh wood must undergo a carefully controlled drying process. This can be done either naturally by air-drying or in special kilns that speed up the process. Air-drying requires sufficient time and proper storage to ensure good air flow and protection from moisture. Drying in driers allows for a more precise control of the moisture content, ensuring a uniform quality.

Checking moisture content

Before using firewood, it is recommended to check the moisture content using a special moisture meter. This will ensure that the wood is dry enough for heating and will provide the expected heat value.


There are several advantages to using dried firewood:

  • Better combustion efficiency: dry wood burns faster and releases more heat, reducing heating costs.
  • Cleaner combustion: less smoke and soot mean cleaner air both indoors and outdoors.
  • Longer chimney life: By reducing soot build-up, it helps keep the chimney clean and reduces the need for cleaning.
  • Environmentally friendly: Efficient combustion means less air pollution, thereby helping to protect the environment.

All in all, choosing dried firewood is a wise decision that will ensure maximum efficiency and thermal value for heating. By investing in high quality dried firewood, you are contributing both to keeping your home warm and to the environment.

Puuliik: Erinevatel puuliikidel on erinevad põlemisomadused. Näiteks kask annab kiiret soojust ja on hea valik lühiajaliseks kütmiseks, samas tamm põleb aeglasemalt ja sobib seetõttu pikaajaliseks kütmiseks.

Origin and certification: choose firewood from sustainably managed forests. FSC or PEFC certification is a good sign that the wood has been responsibly sourced.

Supplier credibility: check suppliers' backgrounds and customer feedback. Reliable suppliers provide high-quality, certified wood and are transparent about the origin of their products.


Choosing kiln-dried firewood for your heating solution is an investment in environmental friendliness, efficiency and economic viability. Whether your goal is to heat your home, cottage or workplace, high quality kiln dried firewood offers the best thermal value and cleaner burning. Make an informed choice and contribute to a more sustainable future by choosing high quality and environmentally friendly dried firewood.

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