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Expotec OÜ is an Estonian firewood producer and exporter. Our main products are: firewood, wood briquettes and planing chips. Production is located 220 kilometers from the port of Tallinn in the middle of wild nature. In the middle of thick forests, the raw material for fireplace wood can be taken from one's own hands. We dry all the wood in dryers. Thanks to this, the raw wood can be dried and packed into logs in less than two weeks. Even with -20C winter weather. The production volume is 350 tons (15 car loads) of dried firewood per month. Our goal is to meet customer expectations and ensure consistent on-time delivery of orders throughout the season. We currently export firewood to Sweden, Norway and Finland. The most popular product is birch firewood in different packages.

90% of our raw materials from the Estonian State Forest Management Center. Our firewood meets the Norwegian standard NS4414!


Firewood in mesh bags

Available in 35L, 40L and 50L bags (UV resistant for 12 months). 66 x 44L bags fit on a pallet It is possible to order with your logo and EAN code on the packages.

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Firewood in carton boxes

Box volume 35 L +/- 3 %.
63 boxes packed on a pallet. It is possible to order your own logo and EAN code on the package.

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Firewood in containers

Loose logs heaped up in a 1 m³ or 2 m³ containers.
Top of the container is covered with plastic to protect from rain and snow.

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12 briketti on pakendatud kilesse. Pakendi mõõdud on 37 x 15 x 19 cm. Kaal 10 kg. 105 pakendit / 1050 kg mahub euro-alusele. Aluse mõõdud on: 800 x 1200 x 1500 mm.


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