Expotec Ltd. is an Estonian firewood producer and exporter. Our main products are: firewood, wood briquette and woodchips. The production plant is situated 220km from the port of Tallinn, right in the middle of wilderness. Surrounded by hardwood forests, the raw material for firewood production, birch (Betula) pulpwood, is always at hand.

All of our firewood is seasoned in kiln dryers, giving an opportunity to turn the fresh birch pulpwood into dried and packed firewood logs in less than 2 week’s time, even in -20c winter days. Available production capacity is 350 tons (equal to 15 truckload’s or 30 TEU’s) of dried firewood per month. Our aim is to always meet the customer’s expectations to quality and provide continuous deliveries throughout the season.

We currently export firewood to Sweden, Norway and Finland. Bestselling product is Birch firewood in different kind of packaging.